How To Buy Imported My Store or Trade

5 The April the 2019

Invest in the purchase of imported products is a major step in the growth of any business.

There are several benefits that may have to seek external suppliers, as:

  • Able to negotiate directly with the largest manufacturers in the world;
  • Get access to exclusive products and higher quality;
  • Find cheaper products;
  • To offer more competitive prices and higher profit margins.

This is the dream of any entrepreneur, but it can also be your worst nightmare, if you do not deal with this type of transaction.

Like this, not enough to just have the will, it is necessary to understand the processes and achieve manage them within the law.

If you are thinking of moving to the next level in your business, then read this article to the end. Separate valuable and insightful tips on his first step and the main options to start importing.

In this article, you'll learn two legal ways to buy products imported directly from the source to resell in Brazil.

Besides that, We will also show what a trading import and what are the main advantages of having her as a partner. So, let's start?

Ah! But before it is crucial you understand something.

One detail that you need to know before buying products to resell

Make an international transaction requires a number of commercial and legal care, It is not necessary when making contracts with a national provider. Therefore, it is important to exercise caution and patience.

Thus, a valuable tip that many entrepreneurs do not apply is to test whether the product you want to buy is salable and seasonal.

This is important, because the whole process of buying and receiving your goods need time, until all the necessary steps are met.

Bet on a product that is not salable or it's just seasonal can take you to acquire a stock of products that will be stranded.

Like this, to avoid this, there are two tips:

  • If the product available in Brazil, buy a little stock to test if it will sell;
  • If the product has only abroad, make a purchase as an individual and ask for fast delivery.

Remember that the purpose of this technique is just testing the product, to make a safer purchase later.

Validated the product, you have two options to scale your import process. Look!

How to buy products abroad and resell legally here in Brazil?

Turn your company into a mini importer

For your company is empowered to carry out legally import, we need you:

  • Have your active and regular CNPJ;
  • Sign up for performance tracking record Stakeholder Customs ( Radar );
  • Take the Import Declaration (OF), by Siscomex.

Thus, be aware of the fees and taxes, They are also factors that will be decisive in defining the products they want and work to ensure the success of your transaction.

These are the main fees you will have to deal:

  • II – Import tax;
  • ICMS – Tax on Goods and Services;
  • PIS – Social Integration Program / Import;
  • IPI – Taxes over industrialized products;
  • Cofins – Contribution to Social Security Financing.

Some care and limitations you have to deal to import directly are:

  • For bureaucratic reasons, you may not work with different suppliers;
  • If you have no experience, run the risk of working with false Suppliers;
  • You can also come across questionable quality Suppliers;
  • This problem also extends to suppliers unlicensed or inexperienced with cargo clearance.

To facilitate these issues can outsource all this service through a Trading Import. What is your second choice!

Partner with an import Trading

A Trading Import is a company specializing in trading and clearance for international import and export transactions.

Thus, it acts as an intermediary that facilitates the connection between the supplier and buyer companies.

Advantages of import with a trading

  • Lets take a personalized and comprehensive advice, braiding the most feasible and safe options;
  • With great trading experience, she has professionals with native command of the language and knowledgeable of the local culture;
  • Increase your product options, since it can manage easily negotiating with different suppliers and manufacturers;
  • Because they have greater bargaining power, they can get more attractive prices and even lower taxes, no ICMS, for example;
  • They offer lower order option of what you need to do directly with the manufacturer;
  • She has the ability to unify requests from different suppliers in one shipment, facilitating the process and reducing transportation costs.

Like this, as you can see, knowledge is essential to achieve differentiate its supply portfolio.

Therefore, keep following our blog to keep learning! And if you liked this content, Help us to share it on social networks.

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