Understand what is the Single Portal Siscomex and how it helps your business

13 The February the 2020

International transactions are routine business and to the individuals. It is normal that we want purchase products or inputs from another country, as well as we seek to sell our productions to them. So that nothing gets out of control, there is a Single Portal Siscomex.

Organizations working with foreign trade operations should be alert to this feature, understand their importance, structure and operation. both, show the course of this article the answers so you know once what this portal and why it is so important. Come on?

What is the Single Portal Siscomex?

O Single Portal system Siscomex simplifies the purchase and sale of goods through the integration of all imports and exports made. For managing the customs of, enables the dispatcher control and monitoring of activities. This is possible thanks to the flow of information on all processes.

Created by the government and managed by the IRS (RFB), Department of Foreign Trade and the Central Bank of Brazil, the tool benefits those involved by boosting the legal procedures. This because, until then, the organs required repeated information, steps redundancy and numerous printed documents.

Now, with the portal, 99% operations are carried out electronically. Like this, exporters and importers need only present once the necessary data. And as a consequence, is released centralized access to government services, as certificates, permits, etc.

What are the pillars of this portal?

The Siscomex Portal is based on three pillars. Are they:

  • integration of stakeholders: It is divided into 3 levels, where the first is the interaction of all those involved in exports between the government and the private sectors. The second is the integration and harmonization of foreign trade activities and the requirements of documents and data. The third is the integration of information systems;
  • process redesign: on here, We must map all processes, with stakeholders. The goal is to get the current frame import or export, It is able to identify bottlenecks or opportunities;
  • information Technology: is the use of more advanced technological resources in the computerization of the redesigned processes.

What are the advantages of the system?

Availability of a database

Since all information is stored in one place, It creates a database with all data foreign trade. From this, the government can analyze important indexes and statistics, and identify illegal operations. At the same time, RFB controls the financial part of each step taking place at ports and border.

Transparency of operations

Because of the possibility of monitoring of operations, no transparency of each procedure between the client and the customs broker. This is because the professional can check the flow of the operation and inform, an agile, for those hired.

Digitalized documents

No company longer have to worry about finding roles to carry out the activities in foreign trade. With the portal, many documents now have their digital versions, such as invoice. Like this, the chances of losing or damaging titles are smaller.

ultimately, Single Siscomex Portal is essential and beneficial for organizations and country, it is a complete program and well built. For importers and exporters, It is an excellent tool, it helps to better manage and do not fail in legal proceedings. So, prepare your business for this advance!

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