Siscomex: what is and what is its function?

25 the September the 2018

The Integrated Foreign Trade System, or Siscomex, is a management tool created by the federal government. Its function is the integration of registration activities, monitoring and control of foreign trade operations.

Established by Decree No. 660 from 25 September 1992, Siscomex has replaced the controls that were previously done on paper, as statements, stamps and even signatures.

Like this, the single information flow follows standard procedures, which organizes the records of players, be they public or private sources.


Accessing Siscomex


The Portal Siscomex ( It is the electronic means by which you can access systems, services, statistics and information on foreign trade.

Thus, The goal of the portal is to focus this information and streamline bureaucratic processes of the sector's activities.

however, hair Portal, the user is also directed to the sites of other important government agencies.

Important: the Novoex System Siscomex was turned off and allowed access to some code to include new records only until 31 August 2018. New records from other operations have been carried out exclusively by Single Foreign Trade Portal.

Who can use Siscomex?


The IRS defines that Siscomex Import modules can be accessed by:

  • Customs: customs servers, as Fiscal Auditor of the Federal Revenue of Brazil (AFRFB) Tax Analyst and Internal Revenue Service of Brazil (ATRFB).
    • Secex, Bank and consenting: operating in the administrative control and exchange.
    • Importer.
    • Depositary: responsible for Customs Enclosure (OUT), Keeper of cargo under customs control.
    • Conveyor: loads the international route and / or the transit carrier.

    Individuals and legal entities may apply for authorization to carry out foreign trade operations in Siscomex with the IRS.

    It is possible that some operations obviate the need for empowerment, then you need to assess what the rules and the required documents.

    In the case of individual: permission and authorization to import is only for personal use and consumption.

    The IRS notes that individuals can not import goods in quantities that reveal trade practice.


    As actors government agencies are classified in Siscomex

    1. managers (administration, maintenance and improvement of the system):
    • The Internal Revenue Service of Brazil - RFB: customs and tax areas.
    • Foreign Trade Secretariat – SECEX, administrative area.
    • Central Bank of Brazil - BACEN: financial and exchange areas.

    1. consenting, bodies responsible for authorizing the import and export process at the administrative stage and trade of certain goods.

    For example:

    • Ministry of Agriculture.
    • Livestock and Supply.
    • Ministry of Health.
    • IBAMA.


    Who are the users of Siscomex

    • Firstly, in addition to the management bodies and consenting, financial institutions authorized to deal in foreign exchange.
    • financial institutions authorized by the Foreign Trade, may grant import license.
    • individuals and companies operating in foreign trade.

    The advantages, you operating in the customs clearance of import or export:

    • Win in simplification of procedures and standardization of operations.
    • Document volume down on paper.
    • Mobility information processing and less bureaucracy.
    • Not to mention the reduction of administrative costs.

    After all, you knew Siscomex? If you want to request enabling, it is important to learn about the rules and obligations.

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