The foreign trade and the country's development

25 the September the 2018

Foreign trade is directly linked to the development of the economy. Since the sector has the ability to raise the economy and open the door to new business with nations throughout the world.

Countries with production capacity in some product, export to those in need. Like this, nations that need goods that can not produce or to meet domestic demand, care of their trading partners.

This "exchange" of goods has numerous socio-economic benefits. Since the resources entering the country are converted into investments.

However, it is necessary that the government encourages foreign trade and provide infrastructure, investment and cutting red tape for businesses export more.

The leverage of foreign trade

  • The higher the number of exports, better for the domestic economy and to balance imports, sometimes, they are high.
  • Foreign trade has a positive impact on Gross Domestic Product (Schedule).
  • exports of products involve a whole production chain until you reach your final destination, as suppliers of raw materials, industries and transport.
  • At each stage of production, which involves other sectors, generating employment and income.
  • Consumers gain greater diversity of products and services.
  • Greater range of consumer markets, contributing, like this, to increase internal productivity of interconnected sectors.
  • international competitiveness boosts research and studies to achieve the recognition of consumer markets.
  • Improvement in production processes.
  • Forming partnerships with suppliers in the export of raw materials.
  • Development of new production alternatives.
  • Access to new technologies, news and international standardization to gain market and export more products.
  • Foreign trade contributes to the specialization in the production and differentiation in world affairs.
  • business development opportunities within the country specialties and peculiarities, as tourism.
  • Closeness between different cultures provided by the trade, factor that also influences and opens doors to business opportunities.
  • Foreign trade is strategic to fight economic crisis.
  • Different regions of the country benefit from their export capacity.
  • Flow of domestic products in stock and generate more profit.
  • The expansion of foreign trade and its challenges encourage the government to take new and better decisions so that the economy continues to develop.
  • Regulatory compliance and international policy for the exchange of goods, especially in health and environmental Question.

Indeed, foreign trade is essential to the country's economy and has much more room to grow with the development of the presence of micro, small and medium enterprises in Brazilian exports.

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